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About Us

Sweet Eats does more than make gluten free and vegan products.  We create unique and delicious snacks and treats for customers limited by food allergies, sensitivities, or digestive issues. Sweet Eats was formed in 2016 in response to a request for a healthy, guilt free granola bar that was nut and seed free. Unable to find such a product, we turned to our kitchens and created our signature line of gluten free and vegan snacks and bars.

gluten and dairy free snacks

Our Ingredients

Sweet Eats is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients available.

Our Process

Here at Sweet Eats, we wear many hats from bakers, to packaging, to consuming. We hand cut each bar. Yes, it can be tedious and time consuming, but we literally see every product before it is packaged. (and we sample a few here and there…) As a boutique company, we take pride in our up close and personal attention to our process and products.We love what we do and how we do it.

gluten and dairy free snacks
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