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Our Ingredients

Sweet Eats is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients because we believe you are what you eat.

  • No Refined Sugars. We use organic coconut sugar, organic maple syrup, honey or dried fruit to add a little sweetness to our products.
  • Certified Gluten Free rolled oats. As you may know, it is common for oats to become cross-contaminated with gluten so working with a supplier that has a process in place to prevent that from happening while additionally surpassing FDA gluten free requirements is really important to us.
  • Dark Chocolate. We take chocolate seriously and so does Enjoy Life. Their dark chocolate is free from gluten,14 common allergies, and is silky smooth on the pallet. Dark Chocolate contains fiber, iron, magnesium, and a wide variety of antioxidants
  • Ancient Grains. Quinoa, millet, chia seeds are some of the nutrient rich grains we use in our granola and other products. Quinoa and millet provide a solid punch of fiber and magnesium helping to reduce blood sugar levels.

Visit the Products Page to survey our products and find your favorite. We are confident our products will find a home in your lunch sack, gym bag, and desk drawer!

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