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Our Process

From our hands to yours.

Here at Sweet Eats, we wear many hats from bakers, to packaging, to consuming. We hand cut each bar. Yes, it can be tedious and time consuming, but we literally see every product before it is packaged. (and we sample a few here and there…) As a boutique company, we take pride in our up close and personal attention to our process and products.We love what we do and how we do it.


Flexible and fun.

Owning the creation process from beginning to end makes the conception of new products almost endless. We love and encourage our customer product requests and even added a few to our regular line up like biscotti, donuts, cupcakes and our S’mores granola bar.

We like to think there is magic here.

Magic happens when someone who has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or is lactose intolerant finds our products and gives us a hug at the local farmer’s market. Or when a parent is looking for a nutritious snack for their child’s lunch and the children are actually excited to eat it.

That is magic. It is a feeling and mindset we will always have here at Sweet Eats- making your family a part of ours.

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